About Us

The Integrated Industrial Infrastructure Services

PT Krakatau Sarana Infrastruktur (PT KSI) is an integrated industrial infrastructure services company in Indonesia with more than 40 years of experience. Located on Indonesia's western trade center near the Sunda Strait, PT KSI is supported by various transportation facilities, such as international ports, toll roads and railways as well as reliable utility supplies such as industrial water, electricity, gas and telecommunications making Kawasan Industri Krakatau (KIK) a magnet that has a competitive advantage to support your profitable investment.

PT KSI was inaugurated on July 13, 2021 by State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Minister Erick Thohir which transformed into a subholding company of one of Indonesia's leading SOEs PT Krakatau Steel (Persero), Tbk. Currently PT KSI oversees 6 subsidiaries with four core business pillars namely industrial estates, ports, industrial water treatment, and electrical energy providers. As well as two supporting business pillars namely information technology and industrial services so as to make PT KSI a competitive industrial infrastructure services company.

Corporate Values

The Corporate Culture applied by PT KSI is in accordance with Circular Letter Number SE-7 / MBU / Q7 / 2020 concerning Core Values for Human Resources of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), namely AKHLAK with the following acronyms:

  1. Amanah (Trusty)
    Amanah (Trusty) Behavior Guide:
    a. To fulfill promises and commitments.
    b. To be responsible for duties, decisions, and actions taken.
    c. To adhere to moral and ethical values.
  2. Kompeten (Competent)
    Kompeten (Competent) Behavior Guidelines:
    a. To improve self-competence to respond to ever-changing challenges.
    b. To help others learn.
    c. To Complete tasks with the best quality.
  3. Harmonis (Harmonious)
    Harmonis (Harmonious) Behavior Guidelines:
    a. To respect everyone regardless of their background.
    b. To like to help others.
    c. To build a conducive work environment
  4. Loyal (Loyal)
    Loyal (Loyal) behavior guidelines:
    a. To maintain the good name of fellow employees, leaders, SOEs, and the State.
    b. To willing to make sacrifices to achieve greater goals.
    c. To obey the leadership as long as it does not conflict with the law and ethics.
  5. Adaptif (Adaptive)
    Adaptif (Adaptive) Behavior Guidelines:
    a. To quickly adjust to be better.
    b. To continuously make improvements to keep up with technological developments.
    c. To act proactively.
  6. Kolaboratif (Collaborative)
    Kolaboratif (Collaborative) Behavior Guidelines:
    a. To provide opportunities for various parties to contribute.
    b. To open in working together to generate added value.
    c. To open in working together to generate added value.