PT KSI presents as a solution to answer the needs of investors requirement that offers various benefits. The strategic location in the west of Java island with the availability of supporting resources is an attraction for investors. The four main business pillars, namely industrial estates, ports, industrial water treatment and electricity providers as well as two supporting businesses, namely industrial services and information technology have made PT KSI a competitive infrastructure provider company.

The establishment of the PT KSI subholding is part of Krakatau Steel's transformation agenda to increase value and optimize the company's performance. In an effort to attract investors, the Board of Directors is committed to always maintaining consistency in the application of ESG in carrying out the company's business processes. Finally, PT KSI has committed to provide industrial estate services with an integrated and sustainable business ecosystem to realize a leading infrastructure company in Southeast Asia.

M. Tantra Maulana

Plt. Komisaris Utama

Thomas Albert Pantouw


Rahmad Hidayat


Nur Hidayat


Alugoro Mulyowahyudi

Plt. Direktur Utama / President Director

Rosaliya Dewi Setiyorini

Direktur Portofolio & Pengembangan Usaha / Business Development & Portfolio Director

Shirley Shinta

Direktur Keuangan dan SDM / Human Capital & Finance Director