Gudang KIK II and Kaibon Royale Krakatau Hotel

PT Krakatau Sarana Properti


Estimation < 5 years

Completion Dates



71 Warehouses

Additional at KIK

5 Residential


3 Properties

Will Be Build

PT Krakatau Sarana Properti (KSP) has a big dream to advance the nation by helping infrastructure in the future. We have designed an ambitious plan for the next 5 years to build 71 warehouses in the Krakatau Industrial Estate area, Cilegon. This project is expected to drive business development and provide solutions for quality storage space.


In addition to the development in Cilegon, we also have plans to expand our business by utilizing the remaining land in IKN. In 2024, we have the initiative to build warehouses and housing. This is in line with KSP's vision and mission to create an integrated and sustainable environment. Currently, we also manage five housing complexes in the Cilegon area, proving KSP's experience in this field.


For our other ambitious projects going forward in 2025 to 2027, we plan to enrich our portfolio by building 2 restaurants and 1 hotel. More than that, our commitment to the environment and sustainability is also reflected in our efforts to manage wastewater wisely, allowing dirty water to be reused and contributing to a more balanced environment.

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