Tenancy Management System

PT Krakatau Information Technology


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Cilegon, Banten


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Data Center Service

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Industrial Estate Tenant Service

PT Krakatau Information Technology (KIT) is dedicated to advancing the industry through digital. KIT has successfully created the Krakatau Tenant System that provides real-time information about tenants. This system has been applied in several industrial estates such as Medan Industrial Estate, Pulogadung Area, and Nusantara Area. Now, we want to bring this innovation to Danareksa Group.


This project is not only focused on technological development, but we also strive to collaborate to establish better solutions for the industry. By the end of 2023, our ambition is to integrate this service with an ERP system that will make business processes more efficient by combining processes and data from various aspects of the company.


The ERP system will integrate human resource management, finance, logistics, and other aspects to get holistic, real-time information, and can take the company in a better direction. Together with KTI, let's create an industrial future full of innovation.

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