Waste Water Management

PT Krakatau Jasa Industri


Estimation < 5 years

Completion Dates

Kawasan Industri Krakatau



Cilegon Native Workers

24 Hours

Available for Tenants

PT Krakatau Jasa Industri (KJI) has started the Continuous and On-Network Wastewater Monitoring System (SPARING) project. This project is our big step in monitoring and managing wastewater in a sophisticated and effective manner.


Supporting our commitment to protecting a sustainable environment, this project aims to monitor, record, and report on wastewater discharge levels to water bodies with high accuracy and precision.


In the future, we hope that with this initiative, we will also be able to effectively manage waste throughout Krakatau Industrial Estate, especially industrial waste and hazardous waste that needs special treatment. Currently, we are moving forward on this project by focusing on the process of training certified personnel in the management of this specialized and complex waste.


Together with KJI, let's build a cleaner and more sustainable environment in the future, bringing positive change to the waste management industry.

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